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Recirculation Pumps

Dry Pit Pumps

1. One of twenty-two 75 HP Goulds pumps. 75 HP pumps

2. Goulds pump for a food processing plant. Pump for a food processing plant

3. One of three Goulds dry pit pumps used for an oxidation ditch. Goulds pump

4. One of seven 75 HP Goulds pumps. 75 hp Goulds pump

5. Fairbanks Morse centrifugal pump. Fairbanks morse pump

6. One of ten 60 HP pumps. 60 HP  pump

7. One of two 5 HP Goulds pumps. 5 HP  pump

8. Four 40 HP Goulds pumps. 40 HP  pump

9. 75 HP Ingersol-Dresser pump. Ingersol-Dresser pump

Vertical Pumps

10. One of three 75 HP KSB Sewatec, vertical pumps. Vertical pump

11. One of four 150 HP Worthington, vertical pumps. Vertical pump

12. One of four 200 HP Worthington vertical pumps. 200 HP vertical pump

13. One of three vertical propeller pumps. one of three vertical pumps

14. One of three 125 HP Worthington vertical pumps. 125 HP vertical pump

Submersible Pumps

15. Four Flygt submersible pumps are installed at one location for easier maintenance. Submersible pump

16. One of four Flygt submersible pumps in an oxidation ditch. Submersible pump

17. This self contained unit has a 14 HP, Flygt submersible pump mounted directly above the jet mixer and can be installed without draining the tank. Self contained eddy jet mixer

18. Self-contained eddy jet mixer with a 18 HP Davis EMU submersible pump mounted on top. Self contained eddy jet mixer

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E-mail: mixing@mixing.com