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1. Steel tank with exterior recirculation pump. Steel Tank

2. Two steel aeration tanks 65 ft diameter. Two aeration tanks

3. One of two 109 ft diameter steel aeration tanks. One of two aeration tanks

4. Aerial view of a sloped-sided, in-ground basin which is 456 ft x 154 ft at the bottom. Aerial view of inground basin

5. Underground, covered tank, 89 ft diameter. Below ground, covered tank

6. Steel tank 42 ft diameter, 48 ft high. Steel tank

7. Two SBR systems were supplied complete with FRP tanks. FRP tanks

8. Deep aeration tank for pharmaceutical manufacturing plant is mixed with one eddy mix jet aerator. Deep aeration tank

9. Covered tank for an oil refinery. Covered tank for an oil refinery

10. One of two 295 ft diameter concrete tanks. Concrete tank

11. In-ground aeration lagoon, 720 ft by 246 ft, treats wastewater for a Canadian pulp mill. In-ground aeration lagoon

12. Oxidation Ditch with three directional mix jet aerators. Oxidation Ditch

13. Wastewater treatment plant in Mexico treats both municipal and industrial wastewater. Wastewater treatment plant
Wastewater treatment plant

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E-mail: mixing@mixing.com